Friday Foto…

…here we go again. This time, I’ve included a piece of flash fiction I wrote about a year ago. This week we’re thinking “unseasonable weather”. I know we should probably expect snow in Scotland pretty much every month of the year, but not in the same week as contemplating gardening and washing the car. It’s supposed to be Spring!

Friday Foto...

Anyway, I woke up on Sunday, saw the snow and ran out into the garden with my camera (sorry, my Dad’s camera which I have on loan) and tried to capture my amazement at seeing flowers shivering in the snow. It reminded me of my piece of flash fiction. So – enjoy! And let me know if the picture or story have inspired you to get creative in any way.

Snowflakes in July

“Mum, it’s snowing!” I exclaim from my seat at the window. Thick flakes are dropping from the sky like feathers. They stick to the ground briefly before fading out of existence. I am absolutely rapt. “Mum!” I shout louder, “come see this!” I can’t keep the excitement from my voice; this is simply amazing. For a small girl, snow is the most exciting thing in the whole world and it’s the middle of summer!

Mum finally comes into the living room, drying her hands on a dish cloth. “What is it this time?” she asks, wearily. I can’t understand why she looks so tired. And what does she mean, “this time?” I’ve been sitting here all morning just looking out the window. She makes it sound like I’ve been pestering her all day. I pout. “I wanted you to see the snow but I guess it’s not important; you’ve probably seen snowflakes in July before.” Her head drops back in exasperation. “It’s not July,” she says in a patient, trying‑not‑to‑be‑condescending voice, “it’s December, Mum. Remember?” Why is she calling me Mum? I catch sight of arthritic fingers, white hair and a wrinkled face in my window reflection. My forehead creases further as I try to grab hold of memories melting in my brain as quickly as snowflakes. “Sorry,” I say to my grown‑up daughter, “I forgot again.” She comes over and kisses the top of my head. “It’s OK Mum,” she sighs.


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