Word for the Weekend…


I know, it sounds a bit random! One can often be thwarted by some...

I remember first hearing this word from a friend at school. He was rebelling against Christianity in general (he was the first acknowledged pagan I ever knew) and life in particular. The word has always stuck with me, mainly because it’s fun to try to remember how to spell it!

Here’s its definition:



opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition from an established church, especially the Anglican Church in 19th-century England.
And how, precisely (I hear you asking), are we meant to use that in an interesting sentence?
My answer: TRY. I dare you. I’ve managed to slip it into Agoraphobics Anonymous myself! I can’t give the actual quote here because it wouldn’t make sense out of context but here’s my character of Angela to explain.
“I’m in a private chat room with this random bloke from my Agoraphobics Anonymous group. We’ve never met. He, quite frankly, sounds WEIRD! We’re supposed to be discussing religion and he’s churning all this information out at light-speed. I’m not exactly comfortable around men, given what’s happened to me and, even though I’m in a virtual room, I’m still not sure what this guy’s intentions are. I don’t think he’s a pervert though, unless “antidisestablishmentarianism” is a euphamism for giving him a quick one round the back of the church?”
-Angela Black, Agoraphobics Anonymous.
Have a good weekend, and I apologise if the formatting of this post is a little off…Wordpress isn’t playing nice!

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