Things what I have learnt….

…what and not what to do!

A short, daft post today, from a short, daft part-time writer! Here’s some advice for you all:Ah! A nice cup of tea

  • Don’t try to tell your Lovely Boyfriend where to find the items on his shopping list. He’ll get cross because Tesco has them in the wrong place.
  • Don’t make a cup of tea for yourself without offering one to Lovely Boyfriend. Even when he’s just about to head out to Tesco, he’ll still get offended that you “forgot” him.

Of course, this is all written in jest. Mostly. *grin*

On a slightly more serious note, here’s some real advice for all you other part-time writers:

  • DO look over your manuscript one last time before sending it off. Even when you KNOW it’s perfect and there aren’t any mistakes…apart from that little section you highlighted to double-check later…and that bit where the formatting’s gone wonky because you added a section break…and that sentence where you’ve you’ve repeated yourself.
  • DON’T “read” your manuscript one last time; LOOK at it. Where each letter is. Where each word is. Where each mark of punctuation is. Don’t see what you expect to see; see what’s actually there. Read it with your proof reader eyes, not your writer eyes.
  • Don’t panic when you’ve done all that and STILL found an error…five minutes after submitting to a top agent. Don't Panic Badge

2 thoughts on “Things what I have learnt….

  1. Your second Don’t is something that is incredibly difficult to achieve! Since we know our novels by heart, our mind often hogs the job of the eyes and plays all words from memory. One would need to forget that they wrote the book and look at it with a critic’s eye.

    • It’s so tough, isn’t it? I’m lucky in that I worked as a scientific proof reader for four years, so I’m able to ignore the story and simply look at the words (so to speak!). I probably won’t catch everything but I know from my online experiences, I have a better eye than most. Time to get those eyes back onto the MS! Thanks for your comments and follow.

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