Killing Off Your Darlings…

The Notebook (Ryan Gosling gets owned)

The Notebook (Ryan Gosling gets owned) (Photo credit: ♥♥peppersmom♥♥)

…no, I’m not advocating murdering your nearest and dearest!

I’m talking writing again today, just briefly before I take Mad Mutt out for a walk in the snow.

I’ve spent the past two days re-reading the “final” draft of Agoraphobics Anonymous. While I’ve been really happy with the majority of it, the word count has dropped to just under 81,000 rather than sitting at close to 82,000. Yes, I’ve had to kill off a darling.

Darlings are those pieces you love instantly. A pithy phrase. A gripping chapter. Something you wrote that came out of nowhere but felt right. Something you wrote that no longer fits…

I killed off an 841 Writingword darling yesterday. It was a nice little bit I wrote several months ago. I remember it because it came to me when nothing else would. I was stuck. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, exactly, but it was pretty darn close! I couldn’t progress with the “current” chapter, so I wrote something entirely different, liked it, and shoe-horned it into the novel at a later point. Yesterday, I shoe-horned it back out again. It was redundant. Repetitive. Not as great as I originally imagined it to be.

It hurt; a lot. But that’s why I know it was the right thing to do. Now I just have to hope that an agent/publisher agrees…



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