I Spy With My Little Eye…

…something beginning with “white”!

This is how The Porglets used to play “I Spy”, when they were too young to think about spelling words. It led to some interesting car journeys!

It’s beenSnow Cat snowing here in my little corner of Scotland. A couple of inches overnight and Lovely Boyfriend is hoping for some more. He’s a big kid when it comes to snow! I’m more practical, I’m afraid, and tend to see the disruption and poorly gritted local roads. He has 4-wheel drive; I have “Poppy”, my little Citroen C3. And no, she’s not red. She’s blue…it’s just one of those crazy things you’ll have to accept about me!

White – the snow outside.

White – the laundry whizzing around my washing machine.

White – the colour of the chocolate tasting batons in my latest Hotel Chocolat box…can’t wait until Easter to try them!

White – the colour I would like my bath to be, except I can’t be bothered cleaning it today. Maybe I can get The Porglets to scrub it clean later, while they’re showering?

White – the pristine colour of printer paper. I’m about to ruin this last one by printing out 4 copies of my synopsis, 4 query letters and 4 copies of the first 3 chapters of Agoraphobics Anonymous.

White – still the snow outside which means I’m not going to post my submissions today. I’m doing school runs and that’s it! The rest of the day will be spent curled up on the sofa with my Kindle. Have a nice one, everbody!

English: Amazon Kindle DX Graphite displaying ...

English: Amazon Kindle DX Graphite displaying Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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