Friday Foto…

Inside a crannog


We’re stepping back in time today, to prehistoric Scotland. This photo was taken last year at the Scottish Crannog Centre, Loch Tay.

I love history, especially prehistory because it opens up a whole new world in writing terms. I haven’t yet tried setting a book in those times because I try to make my writing about contemporary mental health issues, but you never know! One day I might explore how mental ill-health was treated way back when…



3 thoughts on “Friday Foto…

    • Lovely Boyfriend started writing his first book for NaNoWriMo last year (he only got about 5000 words at most). He’s originally from Orkney so he was setting it in prehistoric times there….if he doesn’t move forward with it, I may have to steal his characters and move it on for him! The only thing putting me off historical fiction is the sheer amount of research involved, due to my perfectionism!

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