Word for the Weekend…


Gerbera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I promised you variation, if nothing else!

Gerbera: a type of flower that looks a bit like a daisy. It’s very popular for weddings, given its bright colours. I’m looking at three of them right now, in a bunch of flowers Lovely Boyfriend sent me the other week. I must admit, they’re not looking very bright today. It might be time to admit they’re past their best (hint hint).

I picked gerbera this week as I simply love this little excerpt from Agoraphobics Anonymous. That sounds like boasting, but I think it’s great when an author is able to laugh at their own work. What’s wrong with loving what you create? And yes, I know the word “gerbera” doesn’t actually appear in the quote, but blame Ryan, not me!

The scene: the two main characters, Angela and David, are about to meet for the first time, having overcome their agoraphobia. They fell in love over the internet and are really rather hoping “this is it”! Angela has brought her best friend, Ryan, with her. He’s not so keen on David, having held a wee torch for Angela since their youth. The commentary is from Ryan’s POV.

Wanker, is my first highly uncharitable thought as I spy the David fella. I can’t help myself; old habits die hard. He’s clearly asked Angie what her favourite flower is because he’s holding an identical bunch of orange daisies or whatever it is they’re called. Something like gerbil but not quite. Angie’s staring at them in disbelief. Staring at him in disbelief.

The pair move closer, his face as stunned as hers. He’s staring at the gerbil in her buttonhole and she’s staring at the gerbils in his hand. Oh hell, it’s going to be one of those “but how did you know?! It must be fate!” cue orchestra etc etc moments. I know I’ve kinda given up on my happy ever after with Angie but I think I’m going to be sick.”

-Ryan, Agoraphobics Anonymous.

PS: apologies to those of you who follow me on Facebook. You’ve already seen this quote this week. I can’t help it; it creases me up every time! Happy Weekending.

Pet gerbil.

Pet gerbil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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