Haircuts, Home Alone…

…and holidays!

Today is the 6-week anniversary of my observation_LC012last haircut, so that’s first on my agenda today. If I can get through the snow, of course! Another inch or two descended last night, giving a fresh coat of white to the highways and byways of my town and the surroundings. It looks like someone’s taken a VERY large can of shaving foam and squirted it everywhere.

I wanted to message Lovely Boyfriend about it last night, when I peeked out the window and saw it all. But he’s now offshore for his 2-week stint. Sigh…

I drove him to the airport yesterday; not something I enjoy particularly. And not just because it means he’s leaving. I’m reasonably confident in my own driving, but I hate cities and lots of roundabouts/lanes etc because I can never be confident about what other drivers are going to do. This anxiety was borne out twice times on my way home when silly drivers took extreme measures on the dual carriageway.

I learnt it’s possible to go from 70 to 0 mph in a much shorter distance than you’d believe possible, and that two side-effects are apparent when you do so:

1. Heart displacement – from your chest to your mouth.

2. Fervent prayer!

I made it home in one piece, but I still miss Lovely Boyfriend, even though he phones every night. His fortnightly absence does have its benefits, however, as it gives me time to work on my writing without feeling guilty about ignoring him! Not that I’ll have much time over the next week as The Porglets will be here tomorrow for a full week.

They still have school until the Kicking Televisionend of the week, but after that it’ll be just me and them and lots of Easter chocolate! They’re pretty good and letting me get on with my writing, I must admit. I dress it up as “telly time” for them. They get two hours in front of the TV and I get two hours at the kitchen table, plugging away at the latest manuscript. The rest of the day will be spent with whatever activities I can discover in the local area, hopefully for free or very cheap. Or should that be “cheep”?

More natterings tomorrow…possibly even interesting ones!


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