If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

…you’re going to bump into a lot of people writing furiously!

Yes, it’s April which means it’s time for Camp NaNoWriMo!


This is actually my first time at camp, although I’ve participated in the main NaNoWriMo for the past two years. Check out the websites for more information; they will explain it all much better than I can!

Yesterday added something like 1500 words to my total for Moving Meditation, Book Three in my Lovingdell Series. I will hopefully add a further 1500 or so today, but from a different POV.

My Sister's KeeperDo you enjoy reading multi-POV novels? The first one I remember reading was My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, and I loved the fresh perspective of each chapter. I’ve read quite a few novels in that style since and, somehow, it’s how I’ve ended up writing. I like popping into a different character’s head for a different view on the scene. It’s amazing how two people can be present in the same situation yet have entirely different thoughts about what’s going on. It’s a useful little writing tool to have, and you can let slip all sorts of things to the reader to enhance their reading pleasure!

I also make a point of writing in first person (although I didn’t in parts of Hospital PovCorners, but that was for a definite reason). It enables me to give a first-hand account of life with anxiety/BPD/depression/OCD etc. Getting right inside the character’s head shows “normal” people what life is like for us nutters in a direct way. I think, if I tried writing in third person, it would lose some of the “show” and simply become “tell”, which isn’t anywhere near as effective.

Judge for yourself. Here’s the opening section of Agoraphobics Anonymous as written from Angela’s direct POV and then from a third person POV.

“The doorbell rings and I die. Every time someone presses that damn bell, my heart stops and time stretches into infinity. I crouch behind the sofa and pray for the end to come quickly.”

“The doorbell rang and Angela ducked behind the sofa.”

See what I mean? I’m sure, given enough time, I could have come up with something better but time is marching on. The Porglets are already onto their second hour of TV and I’ve got 1500 words to write. In first person. From a different POV.


One thought on “If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

  1. Good luck to you on Nano! I’m doing it too. Slowly as it goes, but it is finally going. So heads up and antifreeze on brain! May it be fed, may it rest plenty and may it produce a readable context with characters to envy!

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