Tootsie Rolls in Tesco…

…and other annoyances!
Tootsie Roll IndustriesYesterday was one of those days where I ended up noticing a lot of things going wrong with the world. Lovely Boyfriend agreed when we had our nightly chat, leading to the blog you’re about to read.

So, what’s wrong with Tootsie Rolls in the supermarket, I hear all my US readers asking? Nothing – if you happen to live in America. I live in rural Scotland and it’s just another sign of the world going stupidly global on me.

I’ve just about got used to the Polish food section and the Indian food section. Just about. But yesterday I discovered an American food section: Tootsie Rolls, Milk Duds, various varieties of Pop Tart, and a few other items. What really did it for me was the box of Lucky Charms, priced at £5!

It might just be me, but if I go on holiday, I like to eat the “native” foodA plate of the popular (summer) greek food Gem... (I have to put my hand up and admit I went to McDonalds a LOT when I was in Japan, but I was 10; I wouldn’t do it now). When I go to Malta in June (quick pause for a blissful smile to cross my face) I will eat Maltese food, and that won’t include Maltesers! Whenever I went to Crete as a child, I ate Greek food. I ate French in France, German in Germany and not very much of anything in Norway (too expensive). In fact, the one time I tried to enjoy a bar of Galaxy chocolate in Crete, it didn’t work. It tasted funny. And if I lived there? I’d still prepare and eat local food, because it tastes right.

There were other pointers that the world has gone to the dogs yesterday, but the Tootsie Rolls appear to have frustrated me the most!

Daily MailOther annoying things yesterday included the headline of the Daily Mail which ignored the fact a man had killed six of his children in order to focus on slagging off the benefits system. Second annoying thing was the BBC promoting a new classification of the “class system”. I’m in the Precariat class, apparently, based on the types of activities I go to, the types of people I socialise with and the fact I have no money. Mostly based on the fact I currently have no money, because if I change that factor to what I would be able to earn if it weren’t for my BPD, I instantly move into the New Affluent Worker class. And if I based it on Lovely Boyfriend’s income, I jump to Established Middle class.

I would like to point out to the BBC that money does not make me who I am.

Lovely Boyfriend topped off “the world’s gone mad” theme with a story he read in the paper. To start with, he figured it was an April Fool (working offshore, he sometimes gets the papers a little late; it’s caught him before). But then he researched it and discovered that a police officer really IS suing a garage owner because she fell over a kerb while responding to a 999 call. If I sued every time I tripped over a kerb, well I wouldn’t be in the Precariat class! Why don’t people take responsibility for their actions anymore?

Rant over…and ending on a funny image.Dog sunny Day Afternoon I may yet turn this whole saga into a piece of dystopian flash fiction, but I just couldn’t perfect it in time for today’s blog. Lovely Boyfriend and I worked up quite an image last night after using the phrase “The World’s Gone to the Dogs”. We pictured everything in nice, bright, simply primary colours, with fusses, cuddles and “fetch” on demand, with kibble raining from the sky Wouldn’t it be nice if THAT was what the phrase meant?!


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