Word for The Weekend…


For once, this Word for The Weekend won’t include a pithy quote from any of my books. I realised, when thinking of an appropriate word, none of my characters are into dancing in any shape, manner or form. I’m surprised I haven’t written about a dancer yet, given how much of my life used to revolve around dancing. Perhaps a future book…

…cogs are turning even as I type this. You see, for me dancing is another form of my perfectionism. I enjoy dancing on-stage in amateur shows (Bad Girls 2011, Fame 2012) and I used to be a competitive Highland Dancer. I’m lucky in that, as long as I can clearly see the instructor in order to fit the moves together, I can remember dances really easily.


Fame 2012. I’m in the yellow boots!

It comes in handy during rehearsals and the week of the show itself, because I can be 99% confident I’m not going to make a mistake and that keeps my BPD under control. But sometimes I wonder if my perfectionism isn’t taking the driving seat. I remember the dances and I have fun doing the shows, but there’s this almost constant pressure to remember everything. To be the person everyone else turns to when they can’t remember what comes after the “hop step, turn, up and back” bit. 9 times out of 10 I can reasonably certain of remembering, but my perfectionism pushes me to remember it that 10th time as well. Takes some of the fun out of it all, somewhat.

In complete contrast, we have The Porglets. Maximus has the best teacher  this year; a teacher who isn’t scared to get them exercising in the classroom outside of their usual PE time. She’s introduced them to Just Dance videos on YouTube, and Maximus has introduced them to me. Great exercise and The Porglets have a massive amount of fun copying the moves for such greats as The Hamster Dance and The Gummi Bear Dance. We’ve decided that we’re going to do 2 or 3 routines every time they stay over and I’m making a promise to have fun, rather than practise constantly in order to memorise the routines perfectly.united colors of gummi bears

Whatever dancing you do this weekend, ENJOY IT!


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