I am not Wonderwoman…

…although my statistics are pretty impressive.

The other blog title I had running through my mind was less eye-catching. Strike the tents…Camp NaNo is over.

After a LOT of thinking yesterday, I’ve decided to quit Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s not something I do well, quitting. I hate failing at anything, but I don’t feel too bad about this decision. You know why? Because I haven’t failed.
CCamp NaNoWriMo Shirtamp NaNoWriMo was a last minute decision on my part, in an attempt to complete the first draft of Moving Meditation. I figured I’d give myself 30,000 words to do that in; a reasonable target for 30 days. So why am I quitting after 10,643 words and 7 days?

Because, in my mind, the first draft IS finished. I haven’t reached a conclusion for any of the characters, and I haven’t written one MCs storyline. But I can go no further with what I have, so that’s the end of the draft. And when  you reach the end of a draft, you take a break of several weeks to clear your mind and come back afresh.

If I kept bashing away to meet a self-imposed deadline and target, the book would die. It might sound pretentious, but I believe in my characters too much to let them get away from me. They’re not just characters in my book either; they represent the real problems faced by a quarter of the Scottish population, and at least that proportion of the whole world. I need time to reflect on their situations before pulling their stories together in the most effective way.

Besides, it’s important for MY mental health, to take a break every once in a while. Here are my statistics for the past few months:


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

  • I’ve written 10,643 words in the past week.
  • I completed the final draft of Agoraphobics Anonymous in the first 11 days of March (that’s 81,000 words), then spent the rest of the month writing synopses and query letters before submitting it to 6 agents.
  • I spent the whole of January and February, writing the second draft of Ag Anon, then rewriting the entire manuscript (turning it from 75,000 words into 82,000 words along the way).
  • I spent large chunks of December 2012 reviewing books for other people.
  • I wrote 55,824 words of the first draft of Moving Meditation for NaNoWriMo in November 2012.
  • I wrote approximately 30,000 words to complete the first draft of Agoraphobics Anonymous in October 2012.
  • I wrote the first 50,000+ words of Agoraphobics Anonymous from June onwards; prior to that I was researching it and finishing off Hospital Corners.

That’s approximately 227,467 original words I’ve written in the past year (i.e. not including all the redrafting and rewriting). Impressive statistics, I’d say!

So I’m taking a writing holiday. A break. I’m still going to be blogging (I wonder how many words that would add to my total?) and I’m still going to be mulling over ideas and plot structures for Moving Meditation, but I’m giving myself a well-earned Time Out. I am not Wonderwoman!Wonder Woman


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