I Don’t Want a Word Count…

…I want to make my words count.

Adding to Tuesday‘s blog post….

If you want your writing to live long after you’ve died (I know, I know; pretentious), you need to craft it. You need to take the time to nurture it, develop it. You need to live with your characters until you know them inside out and upside down (I’m not advocating writing character CVs, I’ve made my opinion of them clear in a previous post!). You can’t rush your novel if you want it to really mean something.

DepressionAnd my novels all have a point. They all focus on different mental health issues and how they affect different people in different ways. If I rush my characters through their storylines, I’m doing the real-world characters a disservice.

SO – use NaNo if you want to write a story. I will probably still put myself through November NaNo in an attempt to write a first draft of Novel the Fourth. BUT…I will then take my time moulding whatever I create in those frantic 30 days into something that lasts a lot longer.

Apologies for the briefness. I’m travelling, avec Porglets and Lovely Boyfriend, for a vist to my Mum. She moved to the Borders over a year ago and this is the first time I’ve made the trip to see her new house. Put the kettle on, Mum…we’ll be with you shortly! The next two blog posts will be pre-recorded in front of a live studio audience….

Scottish Border


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