The Pitfalls of Divorce…

…#1: Gaining custody of the fairy postbox.

You’re probably wondering what a fairy postbox is. I certainly was when Porglet Maximus told me she’d been given one for Christmas.

Fairy icon

Fairy icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think of a kitchen cannister; one you might keep sugar or teabags in. Cut out a rectangle and voila, one fairy postbox. This one came with twee decoration, tiny envelopes, postcards and fairy stamps. The Porglets write to the fairies; the fairies write back. If I ever discover who gave it to them, they’re in serious trouble.

Until recently, said postbox has remained firmly part of Ex-Hubby’s household. They were given it by one of his friends/family, therefore it’s stayed there. Fine with me. However, we’re both pretty flexible with Porglet toys. If they want to take a particular doll or toy to the other house, we let them. I’m guessing Ex was jumping for joy when Maximus decided the postbox was coming to Mummy’s.

I opened it to discover three notes for the fairies. One was signed by Minimus so was easy to deal with. Two were unsigned, generic tick-the-box postcards. I figured Maximus was being her usual self (she’ll never enter one picture into a competition if she can enter seventeen). I randomly picked one of the postcards to reply to. I made up two pretty cards and Mum helpfully provided the handwriting.

How was I to know that The Porglets had opened up their postbox to a friend? How was I to know I’d picked the wrong effing fairy! It’s a good job I’m a quick-thinking writer of fiction. I think Maximus’ suspicions were allayed….

Pipsqueak Go Go Hamster

Pipsqueak Go Go Hamster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I’d rather have custody of the Zhu Zhu hamsters.


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