The Crazy things…

…sane people do.

I was in my kitchen last night, chatting on the phone to Lovely Boyfriend, when one of my neighbours walked by with a chair on his head.

It turns out he was emptying a pile of office supplies from his car (he later walked by with a computer monitor), but it got me thinking. Officially sane people do the craziest things.

Like (here comes a list; you knew I’d get a list in somewhere!):

Dr Who Experience

Dr Who Experience (Photo credit: williamsdb)

1. Write Dr Who episodes.

Cheese-rolling competition

Cheese-rolling competition (Photo credit: Nicoze)

2.  Cheese rolling, Bog Snorkelling and a whole pile of other “sports”

the-world_s-top-10-best-images-of-animals-wearing-glasses-63. Take photographs of their pets wearing glasses (with thanks to a great blog I follow. Makes me laugh every day!)

4. Extreme Ironing

5. Pay ridiculous amounts of money for modern “art”

And many more crazy things. You just need to look in your FaceBook feed, a NewsFeed or do a random search through WordPress blogs to get the scale of man’s sane craziness.

These things are all acceptable in modern society. We wouldn’t all choose to do them, and we get a bit of a laugh out of the people who do. But we don’t seriously judge their sanity.

So why, when a work colleague gets signed off work with depression/anxiety, do we treat him as if he’s gone completely crazy?

Let’s stop the stigma.


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