Expose Yourself…

…to new experiences!

I don’t mean, strip off and streak down your local High Street.

Rollercoaster (Phineas and Ferb)

Rollercoaster (Phineas and Ferb) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mean try something new. Be it driving to a different town for your shopping, heading out for a walk in the countryside, somewhere you’ve never been but have heard is really nice, ride a rollercoaster, or take up that new hobby you’ve always fancied.

Everyone gets scared to a certain extent by “new”. We all prefer to stick with “safe, tried and trusted”. But how much are you limiting your life by doing so? Is fear of failure stopping you?

English: Water slide in water park Serena in E...

English: Water slide in water park Serena in Espoo, Finland. Suomi: Vesipuisto Serenan ulkoaltaan vesiliuku, Espoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If, like me, you have BPD, doing something new is a scary, scary, SCARY prospect. All the negative emotions are exaggerated to the point of overwhelming. Even trying something different for breakfast can be a challenge! Riding a rollercoaster – no thank you. There’s something about not being in control of my own movement that frightens the life out of me; I like to have my feet firmly on the ground! I tried a flume at the swimming pool a couple of months ago; my first time ever. The experience won’t be repeated (Lovely Boyfriend pulled me up out of the water, coughing and spluttering) but at least I tried it.

Last week, I drove to a town I don’t know at all, in order to find their Asda store. I got lost. Several times. I probably spent longer driving around town than I did commuting (and it’s 15 miles or so!).

My Wonderful Psychologist set me up with all sorts of exposure excercises over the years. I hated her for it at the time, but I’m grateful now. At least now I can telephone for a takeaway without succumbing to a near-panic attack. And I’ve learnt this valuable lesson:

The fear of doing something is generally worse than the anxiety you’ll experience if you just get on and do it.

So, with that in mind, I’m about to learn how to ride a bicycle…

Blue Bicycle

Blue Bicycle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “Expose Yourself…

  1. just came across this post. I can very much rely to the fear of and reluctance to try something new. why I’m commenting, though, is because of the caption of the second picture: it almost made me cry. I spend 4 month studying in Finland last autumn and I lived in Espoo during that time. I never actually went to that water park, but I really miss Finland! I’m suffering from mental health issues as well and those 4 months in Finland can only be described by one word: CALM. Being away from home was like being away from all my problems and worries. and of course, Finland is a really peaceful country, the people are relaxed and it’s just not as hectic as where I’m from. I’m really sorry that I’m ranting and spamming your post here, but I just had to share that you made me smile and almost cry at the same time.

    • I’m glad I could remind you of a happier time. Sometimes it helps to remember that life won’t always feel *this* bad. The trick is to think of ways of making your life now, more like the life you had for that brief period in Finland. I hope you succeed and feel happier with life soon.

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