Word for the Weekend…


The Porglets had the dentist earlier this week. Neither is great at brushing their own teeth. Maximus chews her brush, Minimus sucks hers. The dentist picked up on the fact I’ve stopped helping out and provided me with some disclosing tablets.

purpleteethPurple teeth…that quickly showed The Porglets how disgusting their mouths can be!

Other forms of disclosure are just as important, especially when you’re suffering from a mental health problem. It’s important to tell the people close to you how you’re feeling. If you’re having a bad period, it’s OK to admit it. In fact, it’ll help you feel better if you admit it because then something can be done. A problem shared is a problem halved etc.

shockYou also need to be careful about disclosure when you’re writing. You need to give away just enough information about your characters to make them real, but not so much that your research shows. It’s all well and good for YOU, the writer, to know that your MC has long, curly, auburn hair, but is it vital that the reader knows this on page one? I’ve been researching hypovolaemic shock for Book 3. I needed to know exactly what would happen to someone who was losing 30% of her blood, but I also need to show just the minimum of that knowledge in the actual book.

loveSo – think about what you’re disclosing to those around you, in whatever shape or form that might be. For me, I’d just like to disclose the fact I love Lovely Boyfriend very much, I miss him while he’s away, and can’t wait to speak to him on the phone every night. Lovely Boyfriend – my life is a happier one with you in it. Thank you.

Happy Weekending everyone.


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