…is key!

scoutsLike the Boy Scouts say “Always be Prepared”…so it’s a little ironic that I haven’t actually planned this blog post on preparation/planning!

I managed to write a bit more of my elusive Steve character yesterday after hitting a brick wall with him the previous day (actually, I wanted to hit him with a brick wall, very hard). I’m happier with the start of the chapter but I didn’t manage to write more than 500 words.

Why? Not because Steve’s a difficult character to write, now I’ve got my head around how to approach him, but because I haven’t done my preparation!

plottingI have a basic outline for his section of the book. I know roughly what’s going to happen but not when. Like if he’s going to fall out with his girlfriend before or after his wife leaves him. Like if the girlfriend discovers he’s married before or after his baby is born.

Today’s plan, therefore, is to get myself prepared. I probably won’t actually write anything, but I’ll be doing a lot of thinking as I go about my day.

It also pays to be prepared in other areas of my life. I’m working hard with someone this week to prepare a back-up plan for something. Nice and vague, I know, but I don’t want to stand on anyone’s toes. You’ll hear all about it if my plans are required to be put into action!

I’m also preparing for my holiday next month. I can’t wait…

preparedPreparation helps me feel more comfortable with life. Sometimes I think I over-prepare, then feel bad for all that wasted energy. But other times I’m grateful I spent the extra time because it helps keep my nerves under control. The trick is balancing, as always.

And speaking of balancing, I’m off to Lovely Boyfriend’s house to borrow my new bike and have another shot on it. I don’t know how well I’ll manage entirely on my own, but I’m determined to be riding it by the end of the summer! Especially given how well Porglet MINIMUS did without stabilisers on Sunday. Wish me luck!imagesCAMOQGSU


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