Friday Foto…

bluedoorbutterflyYou get some pretty big butterflies in the woods around here!

Not the best quality picture, because I snapped it on my phone, but I wanted to share it with you. In some nearby woods there are several wooden sculptures and I just love this one. I plan to go back sometime soon with my proper camera and get some decent shots. But not today – today I need to cut the grass again. Then I’m taking some deckchair time with a trashy novel. Gotta enjoy the sun while it’s here!


3 thoughts on “Friday Foto…

  1. So cool! That’s beautiful! 🙂

    I mowed the lawn last evening; my allergies seem to be quite angry with me about that today … oh well. Hope you have better luck and a great weekend,


    • The walk is known locally as “The Blue Door” because you have to go through a wee blue door to get into the woods. It’s just outside a village called Edzell, which is about halfway between Aberdeen and Dundee in Scotland. I must do a proper photography session there sometime.

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