Lessons from Gozo…

…#4. Relax!

Our litte pool. Perfect for relaxing!

Our litte pool. Perfect for relaxing!

Of course you’re meant to relax whilst on holiday, it’s pretty much given in the definition of “holiday” (unless you’re one of those people who think running through the Amazon before wrestling an alligator or two is a “holiday”). Whatever type of holiday you choose, you go to enjoy yourself and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

Gozo is a great place for relaxing. It’s quiet (apart from San Lawrenz where they’ve been digging up the main road and square for the past two years). It’s small (Manwell joked that we were staying too far away from his family because we’d been driving for more than 5 minutes). You can get to wherever you need to go in no more than 20 minutes, even given the appalling state of some of the roads. There are lots of lovely little restaurants all over the island with local food and wine (the wine certainly helps you relax – it’s potent!). There are some beautiful churches to view, plus some amazing scenery.

The sun terrace. Another relaxing spot.

The sun terrace. Another relaxing spot.

I took off my watch the moment we arrived; it didn’t matter what time of day it was. We’d get done what we needed to get done when we wanted to get it done (and, yes, this IS still The Part-Time Writer; I haven’t been taken over by aliens). Lovely Boyfriend and I did roughly plan out the following day over dinner, but if it didn’t go according to plan then it was no skin off my nose. We did something else instead. I was totally relaxed about it. I didn’t have a single, solitary BPD moment all week.

A little garden at Ta'Pinu shrine. Flowing water and a bit of greenery...lovely!

A little garden at Ta’Pinu shrine. Flowing water and a bit of greenery…lovely!

Can I keep that up back in real-life? Probably not, because there’s more pressure to do stuff when you’re home, isn’t there? A holiday only works because it’s different from your normal life. I’ve already been down in the dumps because of my stupid garden hedge (more on that next week) and my calendar is rapidly filling up with things to do over the next week; stressful things. “Going into big cities by myself” things.

I can’t pretend I’m still on holiday but I’m trying to take a lesson from the Gozitans. Their mantra is “what’s the rush?”. They take life at a much slower pace, even slower than their neighbouring Maltese (much to the chagrin of a Maltese tour guide with a “schedule” to keep!). They still get an enormous amount of work done, but they take away the pressure. It’ll get done and, if it doesn’t, there’s nothing you can do to change that.

I don’t think that’s a bad attitude to take to life, and it’s one I’ll try to bear in mind during the week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from Gozo…

  1. Being a Scotsman living in London, I know what rush rush rush is all about and long for everyone – including myself – to slow down
    I used to love taking my watch off while on holiday. To be free of BPD drama for a single week sounds lovely. Hope next week goes well for you

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