Getting on…

…with getting on.

gloomyI’ve been having a bit of a gloomy week all round (more on the whys and wherefores tomorrow). I thought I’d aim for some positivity today with one of my little lists.


  • Today I’m doing my bit for mental health awareness in Scotland. I’m travelling to Edinburgh (all by myself on the train; driving was a step too far!) for a photo shoot. This is all part of a mental health campaign I discovered through See Me Scotland. I’ll provide you with more details once I actually know anything!
  • I went to a church service all by myself on Sunday night. I’d only been to that particular church once before, with Lovely Boyfriend, so it was Quite-A-Big-Deal for me to manage on my own.
  • I drove into Dundee on Monday (again, by myself) for mediation session #1 with The Ex-Hubby.
  • I didn’t kill The Ex-Hubby.
  • I’m looking after Mad Mutt for Lovely Boyfriend. Will try to get a photo for Friday. She sheds copious amounts of hair for me to clean up each day, but is great company when I’m feeling blue.
  • Saved the best for last. Learnt how to ride a bike without falling off. Lovely Boyfriend even has video proof. Have finally passed that childhood milestone at the grand-old age of nearly 34. My next task is to tackle steering the damn thing in a vaguely straight line….

So, despite my mood, life is still going well and I really should try and remember all these positives amongst the negatives. imagesCA5CVF25


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