Thank You…

…everyone, for all your support!

thanks2This weekend, I hit 100 WordPress followers, which means a lot to me. OK, so not every follower reads the blog every day; I get how WordPress works…but still.

Support is important when you’re mentally unwell, and just as much when you’re mentally well. There’s nothing more hypocritical than someone supporting you when you’re acutely ill then buggering off once the going’s good. To me, it smacks of the “supporter” having a Good Samaritan complex.

thanks4It’s also obvious who your friends really are, when you announce your nuttiness to the world at large (and often a kick in the teeth). I can appreciate the fact I was in hospital for a LONG time, and you can’t expect visitors every day of the week for 2.5 years…but some people visited once. Some people never visited at all yet still expected the title of “friend” when I was well again. Some people couldn’t visit in person but sent cards, email messages and voice messages through people who could. One Extremely Good Friend tried to visit 2 or 3 times a year, despite living over a hundred miles away with 2 kids to look after (she knows who she is, and I say a special “thank you” once again).

thanks1Support comes in all forms. A nightly phone call from Lovely Boyfriend, complete with virtual hugs. Mad Mutt sticking her nose into my face for fusses and cuddles. Family members taking me out for lunch or dinner, sometimes to celebrate an achievement, other times just because. A phone call every now and again just to say hello. School Mums saying hello rather than ignoring me after learning my history.

And you guys – my WordPress followers. Comments on my blogs, all understanding, all supporting and all meaning something. I hope, through my work, I can give YOU some of that support back.thanks5



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