Word(s) for the…

…week ahead.

Bit of a change from my usual Word for the Weekend because, once again, I’m off on holiday.

Orkney doesn’t count as “abroad” so , technically, I could still blog. However, I’ll be in a caravan with 3 children and Mad Mutt…not to mention Lovely Boyfriend!

So, I’m passing the blog over to you, my followers. Those of you reading this past week will know that my “recurrent depressive disorder” has recurred.

What are the signs to look out for? How can you tell when you’re actually depressed, not just “feeling a bit down”?

Here’s my genuine answer: I knew I was depressed when I cried because my bag of Maltesers emptied itself over the floor of the car.

Seriously…actual crying over spilt sweets. It might sound funny but it’s really not.

So, fellow sufferers; complete this sentence for me if you will:

“You know you’re depressed when…”

Your answers may well help other people wondering why they feel so bad. And I may very well be able to put the ideas together into a more formal blog post.

See you all on Monday 15th July.
PS. Don’t worry about the Maltesers. Lovely Boyfriend bought me a HUGE box to make up for it.


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