Ness, Ness…

…City, Esty and See!

space1No, it’s not supposed to make sense. Not unless you’ve taken part in Scripture Union’s Space Academy, that is!

I’m back from Orkney (wonderful time), and am straight into our church’s summer holiday club. This week’s blog will heavily feature Captain Kim, my character in the Space Academy daily drama. She’s very much a jolly hockey sticks type of gal, all “what ho, chaps” and “jolly good” etc. Rather fun to play!

space2In today’s episode, I will be travelling the nets of the Ta Rant, spreading ness, ness, city, esty and see…or something like that. We don’t quite get the full message about our mission for the week due to radio interference (we’re actually travelling the planets of the Delta Quadrant with goodness, kindness, generosity, honesty and mercy)!

Life with BPD can feel like that. Only understanding fragments of what’s going on in your head at any one time. It’s only later, once the emotional interference has died down, that we can start to piece together the full message.

space2Take heart, chaps and chapesses. It takes time and a LOT of effort and practise, but eventually you’ll be able to work out what’s going on through all that emotional turmoil. Eventually the messages will start to make sense through the interference, and sometimes you can even stop the interference from getting out of hand in the first place! Seems impossible, I know. I felt the same when I was first diagnosed four years ago; it was an impossible ask. But here I am, four years later, directing a group of children (and one other brave mum) in a space drama.

You’d think I’d have had enough of dramatics for one lifetime *grin*.



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