The Show…

…must go on!

Day 2 of Space Academy dawns.

day2pic2Somehow I hurt my ankle/foot on Sunday. I don’t know when or how I did it. I was fine at church, I drove home, got out the car and that was when it started hurting. By yesterday morning I was limping my way around. However, a sore ankle isn’t going to stop me taking part in my precious dramatics! The show must go on and all that.

Here comes the mental health analogy…

Life with BPD has to go on too. You’re hurting, almost all the time. You’re limping through your life with your broken brain (how I describe mental ill-health to The Porglets). For many, many years, you didn’t understand why it hurt so much. You couldn’t understand what you’d done to be in so much pain.

day2pic3Sometimes you have to sit out for a bit, take a day in bed or a week hiding from the world. You’re allowed to do that; any doctor will recommend resting an injured limb. But it’s just as vital to exercise it gently. Stretch it out a bit. Start working it again, however much it hurts. Sometimes you really won’t want to.

day2pic4But the show must go on. You either give in to BPD and decide your life isn’t worthwhile because it hurts too damn much, or you suck it up and get on with it. You take the virtual painkillers – DBT (dialectic behaviour therapy), Behavioural Activation, Schema-Focussed Therapy – and learn to live with the condition. It CAN be done.


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