…your achievements!

celebrate1OK, OK…I’m a fine one to lecture on this subject because I’m guilty of brushing achievements off. There’s always a “yes, but” where I’m involved and my psychologist frequently picked me up on it.

Apparently it’s reasonably common with BPD and goes hand-in-hand with all that low self-esteem, constant embarrassment and what-have-you. In our black&white world, achievements are but fleeting moments and we “know” things will go badly before too long. Besides, it was just a fluke anyway. Or it was “supposed” to go that well. Or “I fluffed one line”.

I know people without BPD feel this way too, but I can only talk about it from my own perspective (and, as we all know, it’s a pretty warped perspective at times!). Whatever the cause, it’s better for us if we try to notice the habit and then stop it.

So – here are my achievements for this week (haven’t had a list for a while; any excuse!)


  • I took Mad Mutt out for a walk, even though I’m still limping along.
  • I solved the issue of the trifle in yesterday’s drama (you don’t want to know!).
  • I wrote the script for Sunday’s service, and then didn’t panic when I learnt that two of the cast wouldn’t be there. Script is now modified.
  • I haven’t muffed too many of my lines during the drama (I want to add the word “yet” but that would defeat the purpose of this blog…oops).
  • I’ve managed to direct the kids reasonably well and with minimal “stern grown up” shouting.
  • I didn’t cry when Lovely Boyfriend left yesterday for his two week stint offshore
  • I’ve managed to catch up on the laundry after last week’s holiday in Orkney (how can The Porglets have so much washing?! And that was with me limiting the number of clothes we took!)
  • I’ve made the effort to talk to people at church, not something that ever comes easy, especially when going through a depressed period.
  • I reached my 100th blog post
  • celebrate4When you stop to think about it, you’ll discover you’ve achieved quite a lot. I know that it’s easy to write a list but hard to feel the achievements in any meaningful way…but it’s a start. Recognise what you do well and be happy with that.

    To finish, I’d like to post a massive CONGRATULATIONS to all the Space Academy team. We may have a small turn-out but I’d say we’re achieving what we set out to do. Special mention to the rest of the cast for their fantastic efforts.


    2 thoughts on “Celebrate…

    1. Hi Stacey… this is actually the 3rd or 4th comment I’ve left on your blog but none of them are publishing. There seems to be a problem with wordpress comments going directly to spam. I hope this one works!

      It’s so easy for the self-critisism to overshaddow the achievements. I’ve just been shopping in Asda. Not so long ago that wouldn’t be possible, but I do forget to feel and appreciate the achievement. As always, a great post!

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