De ja vu…


Ever get the feeling that you’ve been there and done that before? Well, that’s what I’m experiencing this week.

The Porglets missed out on Space Academy last week because they were on holiday with their Dad, the Ex-Husband. However, thanks to an excess of materials at the church, I’ve collected various craft activies and worksheets and we’re doing our very own Space Academy at home! Many thanks to Captain Keith for providing me with the DVD links so we can watch the Bible stories, plus all the really cool YouTube clips of Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station…honestly, you need to watch them!

So, my blogging may be sporadic and less mental-health orientated again this week, for which I apologise. I hope to get back to normal after the school holidays. I love blogging but I love my Porglets even more and am LOVE LOVE LOVING being a full-time mum for a whole week at a time. *mahoooosive grin*

PS – apologies again for the lack of pictures. WordPress is still playing up for me!


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