Behavioural Activation…

…sometimes isn’t enough.

I’ve been through LOTS of therapy over the years. I know precisely what I’m meant to do in different situations/moods.

Actually doing it? Not always that simple.

I know that getting off my arse and doing something is technically the right thing to do. But when your brain wants to curl up in bed, it’s not exactly easy to persuade it to do otherwise, therapy or no therapy.

However…you’re reading a blog post (albeit a basic one written on my phone; switching on the computer is just a step too far) and my house is cleaner than it was yesterday. I’m showered, dressed and there’s a load of washing on.

I might still feel as miserable as sin and I can’t say I feel better, but I can say I don’t feel any worse.

Maybe on a day like today that is enough…


2 thoughts on “Behavioural Activation…

  1. Sometimes we can do nothing more than embrace the darkness. That doesn’t necessarily mean lying down to it, but we can do without giving ourselves a hard time for feeling down…

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