Normal service has resumed…

…well, as normal as I ever get!
Which means I am:

  • Making a list, and
  • Working my way methodically through the list, whilst
  • Trying not to get too overwhelmed by everything on the list
  • Just a normal day then!

    Things always get disrupted during the school holidays because I move from being very much a part-time Mum to full-time for full week stretches. I love spending extra time with The Porglets but it means my day-to-day routine gets pushed aside and I then feel all panicky and BPDish when I have to get that routine back on track. Hence the list.

    On the recurring depressive disorder front, the medication is helping. When I woke up this morning and didn’t want to get on with the day, I knew it was “just” my BPD talking. The house was a mess (for me), I had loads of laundry to do, people to phone, shopping to buy, recycling to take to the dump, Mad Mutt to walk, birthday presents to finish knitting for Porglet Minimus, lines to learn for a murder mystery, another murder mystery event to finish writing, a book to crack on with and meals to plan for the rest of the week…not to mention the fact that Lovely Boyfriend departed yesterday for his 2 week stint offshore.

    However, I’m working my way through the list and, despite the fact I’m not even halfway through AND I drove all the way to the supermarket (nearly 10 miles) before realising I’d left my purse at home, I’m feeling better about the day.

    The washing machine is taking care of the first load of the day, the recycling is dumped and the wasted car journey wasn’t quite so wasted because I used the time to practise my murder mystery lines. I’ve looked up the phone numbers I need and the house is hoovered (although in Mad Mutt’s eyes I unleashed the noisy, sucky, terrifying yet utterly compelling monster from the cupboard). I will combine walking Mad Mutt with a trip to the local shops for milk (the only thing I MUST buy today), before making phone calls and then settling down to an afternoon of writing. My evening will consist of knitting along to the TV whilst waiting on a phone call from Lovely Boyfriend. So, by the time I get to bed, I’ll have taken care of my list and be ready to start afresh tomorrow (preferably WITH my purse and shopping list!)

    Like I said, normal service has resumed!

    PS: I logged into WordPress properly for the first time in nearly two weeks today to discover I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by my good friend Cat ( I’m truly touched. However, I’ve made the decision to NOT pass it on. I would have to answer 11 questions and find 11 other eligible blogs to nominate and I’ve decided it’s not one of priorities right now. All I can say is that any blog I choose to follow is worthy of an award in my eyes.


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