Word for the Weekend…


Or, a pain in the backside!

Poor Porglet Maximus came home from school this week with a painful coccyx, presumably from sitting awkwardly in class. It might sound funny but, believe me, it’s not funny when she can’t sleep and you have to re-arrange a slumbering Porglet Minimus into the top bunk because Maximus can’t climb the ladder! Or when you’re woken up twice during the night to administer heat packs and Calpol.

However, I took her to see the nurse yesterday and hopefully things will improve. She took a cushion to school and is getting regular doses of Calpol.

I just love the word coccygodynia, despite its painful medical connotations. Isn’t the world just full of stuff that’s a right coccygodynia? Don’t you know a pile of people who fit the description of coccygodynians? When one of them starts annoying you, just remember the word and hopefully you’ll smile and feel better; I know I do!

Hope your weekend is coccygodynia free!


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