Friday Foto…


You might think this is a perfectly ordinary teabag but you’d be mistaken. It is, in fact, an amazingly effective Porglet torturing device.

When you attempt to put this on a Porglet eye in order to help with a stye, certain effects are immediately noticeable:

1. Sobbing
2. Wailing
3. Gnashing of teeth
4. Sulking
5. An inability to do as your Mum is asking.

However, results can be obtained by forcing your Porglet to sit there, holding the weapon of Porglet destruction until either:

1. Bedtime, or
2. They finally submit in order to play a game of Go Fish instead.

Note: this torture device is only effective on the Porglet Maximus sub-species. The only effect it has on a Porglet Minimus is the tendency towards acting like a pirate.


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