Don’t you hate it…

…when you have a really great idea for a blog post but forget what it was overnight?

I was doing some housework yesterday and the idea for a post came to me. I had a title and everything. Now, after an evening of knitting a more complicated pattern than I’ve ever tackled before, and a night full of weird and wonderful dreams (that’s nothing new), the idea’s gone clean out of my mind. I didn’t even write a wee memo to myself.

Memo to self: ALWAYS write a memo to self when you have a blog title to work with!

However, I’m trying to get back to writing a blog a day so that’s what I’m going to do…here goes. Totally off the cuff so be prepared for a pile of waffling nonsense (don’t you dare comment saying “what’s new”?!).

Everyone forgets stuff. Sometimes it causes huge problems (try forgetting something in an exam, for instance) but other times it does nothing. It’s the old saying: It can’t have been important if I’ve forgotten it!

I pride myself on my freaky memory (ask me the plot of certain books and I can pretty much direct you to the appropriate page and quote segments). I’m able to learn dances, songs and scripts stupidly quickly and then remember them for far longer than I need to. I’m not saying I could get up right this minute and perform a dance from last year’s production of Fame but I’d quickly remember it given time and the music (and a magically healed ankle!).

So, when I forget something, it bugs me. I mean really bugs me. I’ll probably be in the middle of something today and suddenly remember what today’s post was actually supposed to be about, and then I’ll write it down before I forget again. If I write it down, it’ll be like I never forgot it in the first place.

See – I hate forgetting things. It’s just not me. It’s not what I do.

Except…everyone forgets stuff and, at the end of the day, the only person likely to be inconvenienced is yourself. If you’re late for a meeting or forget a friend’s birthday, you might rattle the other person but it’s YOU who’s going to feel it for longer, especially if you suffer from that marvellous condition of being a people-pleaser with subterranean levels of self-esteem.

I pretty much fall into that category, although my self-esteem has found a promising looking route to the surface. However, with the wonderful advice of Lovely Boyfriend, I’m working on a trick to help me get over what I perceive to be massive flaws and faults. With this little rule, I have the ability to turn my life around; to feel good about myself even in situations where I’d normally feel like weeping, cursing, hitting something or all three.

Here it is: one simple rule to keep in mind when faced with admitting I’ve forgotten something or made a mistake or find myself caring too much about something that, at the end of the day, matters not a jot.


Simple, huh?


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