Making things more complicated…

…than they need to be.

It’s my speciality. Who else could take the state of the roads in Gozo and compare them to life with BPD?!

Making things more complicated and, therefore, hugely difficult for myself, started during my school years. By the start of secondary school (aged 12), I was already saying “but it can’t be that simple!”.

My maths homework was a prime example (thanks for trying to help, Dad!). I couldn’t understand the thinking behind the processes so would add in extra steps to make the solution as complicated as my twisted thinking.

Thankfully, I got so wound up and upset over it that, eventually, I gave up trying to understand why and concentrated on learning the method. Do this and that, multiply by that bit there and that’s the answer. Much easier and my grades improved!

I didn’t know why I had this tendency to assume things weren’t as simple as they appeared until I started writing this post.

BPD. Because nothing you experience growing up, undiagnosed, confused, totally lost amongst these people who can control their emotions, makes sense! Inside, life is complicated and you can’t understand why people act the way they do. It’s not a big leap to start assuming everything in life is more complicated than it first appears.

Thankfully, the same “do this, do that and then do that” technique applies to the rest of life and not just quadratic equations.

Or am I making this too complicated?!


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