…the start of the week.

From the looks of my Facebook feed this morning, a lot of people hate Monday! It signals an end to their fun weekend. It’s a return to the drudgery of work or the school run (or both).

There are so many negative songs about Monday too; it must be the most maligned day of the week!

But if that’s your attitude when you wake up, aren’t you forcing yourself into a negative mood? If you live for the weekends only and view Monday as the beginning of the end, aren’t you making yourself miserable for the majority of your life?

It’s not easy to find a job these days, let alone a job you like, but attitude is everything. Wake up hating your life and you’re already started on the road to depression, stress and hating yourself. It’s not a road anyone wants to take.

So, take a fresh look at today and ask yourself why you hate Mondays. Then do something constructive about it.


Word for the Weekend…


An alien concept to children at 7 am, but only at the weekend!

Yesterday morning, 7.15 and The Porglets were curled up in their beds, yawning and grumbling and mumbling about waking up. 7.15 this morning, they were making a den and enough noise to wake the dead.

It’s not been a quiet day either. We all went to an open day with Gormlet’s music centre. They were pretty good but there’s only so many attempts of Star Wars I can handle, especially by violinists in training!

Followed by attempts to find somewhere for lunch (with a minor halt to allow Minimus some fresh air after she got too hot in the car!). Followed by a quick stop at a play area (where you would never have guessed Minimus had ever felt sick in her life!)

The three girls are happy playing away, Lovely Boyfriend has taken Mad Mutt home and I’ve now got 5 minutes in which I’m going to enjoy the quiet…

Have a great weekend.