The Overwhelming Generosity…

…of children.

I know I’m exceptionally lucky to have such kind and generous children as The Porglets. Porglet Maximus has an almost overdeveloped sense of fairness and Porglet Minimus loves sharing with her wee friends.

I just wish they weren’t quite so generous with their germs!

When you’re suffering with a mental health condition, it seems doubly unfair to get landed with a physical one too, even something as straightforward as a cold.

But, like I said in yesterday’s blog, it really is up to you as to how you choose to feel about it.

Full of phlegm, tendonitis still raging and I could easily feel sorry for myself. I could easily spend the day curled up with cups of tea and a large pile of chocolate.

I did a bit of curling up yesterday afternoon but I also finished knitting a hooded tunic for Minimus. Today I’m riding pillion with Lovely Boyfriend on a trip up towards Braemar where I hope to get some nice photos of a shiny bike in front of some pretty scenery.

I still feel rotten with phlegm but I’m choosing to keep on living. I’m getting good at it; it’s what you have to do when you’ve got a broken brain and incredibly generous-with-their-germs Porglets!


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