Word for the Weekend…

… … … …

Why the trail of ellipses?

Because, even as a writer, it’s impossible to find a word that describes the sound I’m thinking of.

The sound of snot-filled nasal passages. The sound of snuffling, sneezing, wheezing chestiness. The sound, in other words, of a Part-time Writer snoring because of Porglet Maximus germs…a sound that’s filling Lovely Boyfriend’s nights. A sound he’ll be reproducing himself in a few days, seeing as I’ve infested him with said germs.

The closest I can come to describing through noise is this:

You know when surgeons ask for suction on a hospital drama and this machine starts sucking and sputtering the blood away? Turn the blood to snot…

The ironic thing is that I feel HEAPS better than earlier in the week and I’m sleeping better too! Poor Lovely Boyfriend.

Hope your weekend is quieter!


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