So long, farewell…

…auf wiedersein, goodnight!

No, I’m not hanging up my virtual pen, I’m quoting lyrics. Lovely Boyfriend’s heading offshore today. Boo hiss etc etc.

Those lyrics popped into my head and reminded me of the time I performed a few songs from The Sound of Music. I was 16 and my music teacher had recently discovered I could sing. He gave me several parts in the school show, a variety of songs from a variety of musicals.

I was the eldest pupil in the Von Trapp family line-up…but arranged by height, I slotted in as 3rd smallest. In the second act, I performed as Dorothy in an incredibly tight dress designed for a 10 year old.

I’m telling you all this because a member of the audience went up to my music teacher after the show and asked who the “sweet little primary kid” was…they got a shock when I turned out to be 6 years older than imagined!

My point is this: don’t judge someone by their outward appearance. Someone may look like they’re happy and well but be miserable inside. I think that was the part The Ex-hubby found the hardest and he felt betrayed by my acting skills.

If you know someone who’s suffered from mental health problems, talk to them and let them know it’s OK to show the inside emotions to you. Don’t judge them by their outward appearance.

Ps. For once in my life, my inside and outside are matching! It can happen but it’s still best to be sure.


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