Tidy house…

…tidy mind.

I hate clutter and mess, however it’s hard to get up the motivation to clean once things have started to get on top of you.

My garden was a complete mess until Monday. Those damn hedges were completely overgrown and wild and the grass was at meadow height. The messier it got, the harder it was to get started.

Thanks to Lovely Boyfriend, however, I can now bear to look at my garden. He got a better hedge cutter for me and gave the hedge a short back and sides. I cut the grass and pulled a few weeds. It’s not perfect but it’s a weight off my mind.

It’s hard to get going when you feel depressed, but sometimes you’ve got to do it in order to start feeling better.

So I suppose it’s time for me to get out of bed and get on with today; housework galore!

Maybe just another 5 minutes under the duvet…*grin*


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