Friday’s Foto…

…is being replaced today in order to make way for a short piece entitled:

Oops, I Broke the Dog.

Porglet Maximus woke up from a bad dream this morning and was determined to act all miserable. I did my responsible parent bit and explained that bad dreams don’t have any say over what happens the following day. I also gave them a history lesson to demonstrate how silly it is to believe in bad luck on a Friday the 13th. We listed lots of reasons why it was a silly thing to believe and why today was actually going to be a good day (candle party, a certain Lovely Boyfriend’s birthday etc).

Then I broke the dog.

My kitchen door has the casing for a bolt at the bottom. It’s old and I’ve no idea why it’s there (unless the previous tenant liked locking people in his kitchen?). Mad Mutt, in her usual desperate haste to reach her breakfast kibble, cornered a little sharply and caught one of her toenails in the bolt casing.

Cue extreme yelping, blood spattered floor and inconsolable Porglet Maximus (Minimus was quite thrilled with all the drama!).

Mad Mutt, after her initial fright, licked her wound clean and carried on as normal (although slightly subdued). Maximus is making the most of her misery…

That’s the last time I try to explain why Friday the 13th is just like any other day!


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