Word for the Weekend…


It’s very funny hearing a Porglet trying to pronounce this word!

Maximus has been given a list of spelling strategies to work through. She doesn’t need them as she has inherited my memory and learns how to spell the old-fashioned way!

But in this day and age, the school feels it must accommodate all different types of learning. I get that everyone learns in different ways…but is it really necessary for Maximus to write out mnemonics for November, created etc etc? (Not One Vampire Ever Minds Bloody Ears Rotting; Cats Really Enjoy All Their Extra Dinners).

Mnemonics can be useful (I still remember the one I came up with in 1998 for zoological classification!) but surely things are being taken a bit far?

Lovely Boyfriend agrees and said this: What employer is going to take on someone who needs the company manual to be presented in interpretive dance?!

Making Porglet Maximus write out her spelling words in pasta shapes, or turn them into pretty pictures isn’t what I send her to school for. However much I hate the fact, she’s nearly 8. I treat her like an 8 year old…can the rest of the world catch up, please?

Rant over…happy weekending!


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