What’s your…


Everyone has their own little quirks or idiosyncracies.

Lovely Boyfriend cuts his fingernails outside. Porglet Maximus currently insists on a game of Go Fish before bed. Porglet Minimus…well, she’s full of so many quirks and fancies! Even Mad Mutt joins in with this bizarre scratching whilst lying down where she appears to lose all control of her tongue. And, as I learnt yesterday, she likes walking really close at heel…but only after swimming in the river!

Here are just some of my own quirks:

1. I count stairs as I go up them. Only ever come in handy once during a powercut!
2. I always hum a particular song when doing the washing up.
3. I always do my housework on a Monday.
4. I prefer to do my weekly grocery shop on a Wednesday.
5. I think being somewhere exactly on time is actually being late.
6. I like making lists.
7. I like adding extra things to lists to make them look longer.

If you asked other people, they could probably list huge numbers of other quirks I possess. To me, they’re normal; they’re who I am. They’re my personality, disordered or not! Quirks are what make me who I am…I just wish I could pick a song I actually like to hum whilst washing up!


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