Is my need for chocolate…

…greater than my need to hibernate?

That’s my dilemma today…


3 thoughts on “Is my need for chocolate…

  1. Hmmm, so hibernating: Advantages: keeps you warm and snug and cosy, surrounds you with books, music, and all the same comfortable homey things, and avoids the need to speak to people. Disadvantages: no chocolate.
    Chocolate: Advantages: fresh air, exercise, “doing” something, the possibility of seeing something beautiful to brighten your day, and, of course, Chocolate. Disadvantages: calories, the possibiliity of having to speak to someone, and having to leave the house.
    Hmmm. Yep. I get the dilemma. Hugs xxx

  2. Buy chocolate, feel good about going outside for fresh air, exercise, etc, then go back and hibernate – best of both worlds without any guilt trip. 🙂

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