…are highly recommended for improving your mood when low.

Mad Mutt has now learnt a new command. If I keep saying “boing”, she starts bouncing around under the mistaken impression I’m going to feed her.

The Porglets may also soon have to use the excuse “the dog ate my homework” as Mad Mutt equates us sitting at the kitchen table with dinnertime, despite the abundance of spelling books and a distinct lack of cutlery and plates!

It’s also possible to get Mad Mutt to follow you round in small circles for aaaaages. The kitchen table works best because she thinks you’re heading for the kibble cupboard.

But best of all, Mad Mutt is company. Always there with a smile and willing to give as many kisses as you like. She doesn’t mind excessive amounts of hugging either, and is good company to take out for a walk.

Thank you to Lovely Boyfriend for trusting me with her.



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