The Circle of Life…

…can be a vicious circle.

I’m not talking dog-eat-dog here; I’m talking self-eat-self.

I can only speak from my own personal experiences, but having bpd AND depression really sucks at times. Especially when, like me, you tend to get side effects with any medication.

SSRIs bugger up my sleep. Either I get insomnia and have to take a sleeping tablet (which I can’t do when The Porglets are sleeping over), or I get bad dreams and night sweats. Either way, I’m not getting a good night’s sleep and the next day starts badly.

When my day starts badly, my BPD tends to keep it that way for most of the day. Lack of motivation means things don’t get done without huge amounts of draining energy.

Over time, I get to the point where my BPD keeps me depressed regardless of the fact I’m taking anti-depressants…actually, it keeps me depressed BECAUSE I’m taking anti-depressants.

Vicious bloody circle!


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