One day…

…until the start of NaNoWriMo. I’m being more relaxed about the whole thing this year, despite the fact December 5th is my deadline for completing the entire book and not just the first draft!

Usually I take part in the Skeleton Marathon, a nice little kick up the backside to keep writing every day. However, I know that’s too much to ask of myself this year so I will simply cheer on those struggling with the challenge. I may still write something every day (especially once I really get going with it) but I’m taking that extra, unnecessary pressure off myself.

If it were only that easy to recognise unnecessary pressure elsewhere in my life! I’m constantly having to bring my mindfullness skills into play in order to identify when I’m feeling stressed, why I’m feeling stressed and whether or not there’s anything I can do to reduce the stress. The more I do it, the easier it gets but it’s easy for a BPD brain to bypass “rational” and head straight to “overreaction”.

Anyway – I’m going to get some more work done ready for tomorrow. For the month of November, instead of Friday Foto you will get some Friday Fiction; a little snippet of something I’ve written during the week (but not too much because it’s supposed to be Lovely Boyfriend’s Christmas present and he wants to wait and read the whole thing then!) I hope you enjoy The Incredibly Drunken and Somewhat Convoluted Saga of Ragnar Piddledrinker (Viking).


Bellowing kine…


Quick translation for the non-Scots: kine = cows.

There’s a cattle farm near Lovely Boyfriend’s house and once a year, they bellow and bellow and bellow and bellow. They were at it when I got back from my rehearsal at nearly half eleven last night. They were still at it whenever I half-woke during the night, and they’re still at it now.

Presumably, they’re upset about something, but do they have to keep going on and on about it?

Well yes, they clearly do…as do certain people when something upsets them! I appreciate that, at times, I am that person. If I’m feeling bad these days, I say so when asked. Some people might not like the mini-moan in response to their “How are you?”, but I feel it’s better to tell the truth rather than hide how I’m feeling…I hid those feelings for far too long in the past.

I do try, however, to keep it short and finish with a grin and a shrug. Some people, like the cows, don’t, and that can be mentally draining for everyone. We all know people we want to grip by the lapels and say “Quit moaning and DO something about it!”

That’s the important bit. If there’s nothing you can do to change the situation, a wee moan to an understanding friend may actually be helpful.

If there IS something you can do about it, however…that’s when you curtail your moaning and get on with fixing things. And 9 times out of 10, there IS something you can do about it! And on that 10th time, you can STILL do something about it; accept the situation and move on.

Moaning is part of our animal nature and, within reason, can be helpful to both the moaner and the moanee. Generally, it opens up a pathway to solving the issue or provides vitally important information (i.e. Time to call the men in white coats before this person does something silly).

Just make sure your moaning is put to good use. Notice it and act on it…otherwise you’ll be as annoying as the still bellowing kine.