…I lost the cat.

Anyone who knows me will immediately say, “but you don’t have a cat!” It’s true; I don’t have a cat, but for several minutes last night I was utterly convinced I had one and I’d lost it.

No, I don’t require urgent medical attention; I was dreaming.

We know more about the origins of the universe than we do about the workings of the mind. Humans are capable of thinking and believing the strangest of things (politicians are a good example). Our minds constantly trick us into believing things which aren’t true.

Is it such a big step, then, to believe in mental ill health? To appreciate just some of the crap our brains put us through on a daily basis? Isn’t “all in your mind” a pretty damn powerful place to be?

If you can grow up believing in Santa Claus and then not get totally pissed off with the world for lying to you about him, believe in the fact of mental illness and that it’s not anybody’s fault. It just is.

Even if you don’t have a cat.


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