Let’s have a…


Things to make me smile:

1. The little boy in Lidl who shouted out “Jesus Christ” at the top of his voice on viewing the sweets at the check-out.
2. The fact I’m writing a list.
3. Going to rehearsal tonight with my fab friends.
4. Getting organised for Christmas.
5. Mad Mutt (when she isn’t driving me bonkers).
6. My girls.
7. Boggle the Owl (find him online; you’ll love him).
8. Lovely Boyfriend.

A list that makes me sad:

1. The fact that Lovely Boyfriend is in the middle of a rig shift which means no communications for a couple of days.

Anyone with depression and/or BPD will immediately understand that the shorter list wins. I’m doing my best to stay chirpy (I’m knitting owl hand warmers)…but it’s not always easy. I have an appointment with my GP this afternoon so hopefully he will get me referred back to my consultant (sorry Dr B!) and we can get this latest blip dealt with.


3 thoughts on “Let’s have a…

  1. Sending big hugs… We’re keeping you in our thoughts and prayers hon, and I hope the appt goes well this afternoon. Need to organise a get-together soon – I have a birthday present to deliver! xxxx

  2. Chocolate! I’ll even post it down to you if you run out in town!
    P.S. What are owl hand warmers? They sound cute, the type of thing I’d wear – you’ll have to send me some piccies! xx

    • The owls are still in basic prototype form but will eventually be little knitted owls to go over wheat bags. Handy for the school run etc and cuter than the plastic ones you need to boil to re-use!

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