Never underestimate…

…the power of medication!

After a mix-up between my consultant and my local health-centre, my new prescription was eventually located and I picked it up on Thursday morning. Even though Lovely Boyfriend was home, I was still suffering from Sertraline withdrawal symptoms and generally feeling miserable. I took my first dose of Citalopram on Thursday and felt sick as a dog for an hour or so later on that day, to the point of laying down my knitting mid-row!

However, since then I’ve been back to my usual self. The lady on the check-out at Asda even laughed at me and Lovely Boyfriend as we bantered back and forth in our usual mad manner. Clearly my BPD was having more of an effect on me than I’d given it credit for; there’s no way the anti-depressant could have taken effect this quickly! It just goes to show how devastating an illness it can be in its own right…and just when I thought I’d figured the bugger out!

The challenge will obviously come when Lovely Boyfriend goes back offshore next week. However, NaNoWriMo will be underway, plus I’ll have two concerts to prepare for, plus help Porglet Maximus learn the words for her first ever performance with the National Youth Choir of Scotland. I can also remember the joy on Porglet Minimus’ face when she too her first ever pony ride at the weekend. She’s a natural!

Fingers crossed that this is the start of the uphill path again, preferably a gentle, meandering one taking in the pretty scenery rather than a rocky path strewn with boulders.


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