Bad weather…?

…what bad weather?

I’m an even happier bunny today because it’s great biking weather. Lovely Boyfriend took me for a run yesterday and we’re off out again today. I know parts of the UK haven’t had it so good but I’m making hay while the sun shines!

It’s something I think we all need to try to do more. After the past months, I’m incredibly aware of how easy it is for my depression to completely overwhelm me. It’s truly awful and I hate knowing it could happen again and again and again. That’s when suicide feels like a good option.

However, what kept me going through this latest spell was knowing I could feel happy. Knowing The Porglets need me. Knowing Lovely Boyfriend would kill me if I did anything so daft as to kill myself. I kept hold of the past 2 years and all my achievements. I kept hold of hope for the future and the thought of hugs, laughter and riding pillion.

I’m going to enjoy this fine spell and store up more happy memories for the next time.


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