Friday Fiction…

…it’s the 1st of November so here comes NaNoWriMo!

My NaNovel this year is called The Incredibly Drunken and Somewhat Convoluted Saga of Ragnar Piddledrinker (Viking). It’s a not-at-all serious look at Viking Scotland in the period AD 870-900, with a little bit of action in Ireland from AD860-870, just to set the character up.

Basically, Lovely Boyfriend wanted there to be have been a Viking called Ragnar Piddledrinker, given that the “real” Vikings had some cracking names. Our character was born and has turned into a real drunken reprobate, staggering through the countryside, rampaging, going berserk, setting fire to things and causing the accidental deaths of many. I’ll introduce you to his horde later on in the month. Today, I want to share Ragnar’s version of The Lord’s Prayer (Lovely Boyfriend look away now if you want to save it for Christmas!).


“Mine Father, thou fart like a raven. Hollowed be thy frame. Thy Kingdom dumb. Thy will be done over on the earth and in Valhalla. Give us this day or thy be dead. For you give us our axes for to give to those who steal our lands. Lead me not into abstention nor hide me from evil. For thine is the King; dumb, poor and gory forever. Ah feckit.”

Now I’d best get on with upping the word count rather than spending hours on a single paragraph!

PS: Whilst NaNoWriMo is on the go, I won’t be providing a Word for the Weekend; I just have too much to be getting on with. Happy weekending!


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